In my years of working with people of all ages and at various stages of their life journey, I have learned the joy that comes from bringing my expertise to collaborative work with others.  With several strategies and approaches at my fingertips, I enjoy exploring the best way of moving people toward their goals and toward a fuller, more fulfilled life.

Life inevitably brings us challenges, losses, difficult choices, and curve balls.  It is a privilege to be able to help people in times when they feel a need to reach out for help.  My passion is to work with people who are ready to tackle life issues, eager to evolve, willing to commit to their personal growth, and invested in learning about their inner life.  I find joy in my own work by helping others to transition through life’s challenges and changes, by supporting mind and body fitness, self-acceptance and intellectual curiosity, behaviour change, and deep insight.

About Dr. Teresa Sztaba

I work from an integrative perspective, with awareness that knowledge and understanding of one’s internal psychological, interpersonal, and spiritual functioning can lead to a greater sense of wholeness. I have a strong belief in the mind/body connection and work from the awareness that developing a healthy, fit body can lead to mental health.  Sometimes, I feel a bit like a psychological “personal trainer.”

Despite the struggles of our world today, there is much that connects us all, often beyond our awareness.  The therapeutic connection can be a healing one.  With my solid grounding in the foundations of clinical psychology, I integrate cognitive behaviour therapy with mindfulness, self acceptance and commitment, and problem-specific therapies.  I work with clients in the way that I love: guiding them in their courageous steps toward increased confidence, self-understanding and acceptance, and meaningful behaviour and life change.  At times, the road may be difficult, but the journey is worth it.

About Dr. Teresa Sztaba